DINA Committees


We always welcome new committee members; please email the committee directly (using the link below) if you’re interested in joining or have questions.

DINA accomplishes much of its work through small groups of residents who are interested in a particular issue affecting the community. For example, the Safety Committee works closely with the City of Charleston and our elected officials to ensure our interests are represented. If you want to take action on a particular issue, contact DINA’s officers to join a committee or to start a new one.

Click on the links below to go to the individual committee pages and/or email them at the addresses below:

Land Use & Zoning      

Contact: zoning@dineighborhoodassociation.org

Committee Chair: Clyde Rush


Contact: membership@dineighborhoodassociation.org

Committee Chair: Vacant


Contact: safety@dineighborhoodassociation.org

Committee Chair: Frank Walsh

Web & Social Media     

Contact: webmaster@dineighborhoodassociation.org

Committee Chair: Amy Piazza

Transition Committee

Contact: transition@dineighborhoodassociation.org

Committee Chair: David Campopiano

526 Noise Abatement Committee

Contact: noise@dineighborhoodassociation.org

Committee Chair: Jim Morrill

Community Center Committee

Contact: communitycenter@dineighborhoodassociation.org

Committee Chair: Frank Walsh