Report from 526 Noise Abatement Committee

Jim Morrill, Chair of the 526 Noise Abatement Committee, made contact with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) project person heading up the I-526 lane expansion going past Daniel Island.  He filed the following report:

There are 2 Phases of the I-526 lane expansion.  The first Phase starts in West Ashley and goes to Rivers Avenue.  Phase 2 runs from Rivers Avenue past Daniel Island to Route 17 in Mt. Pleasant.  The first phase is underway with construction targeted for 2020.    

Requests for proposals from engineering firms to start the planning of Phase 2 have been submitted and SCDOT expects to select a firm in the next 30 days.  After that SCDOT estimates it will take 6 months to finalize a contract and the scope for the project.  At that point, they will have a timeline with deliverables.  Construction on Phase 2 is tentatively scheduled to start in 2022.  While the timing is discouraging, getting noise mitigation as part of Phase 2 will be the only chance for it to happen for Daniel Island.


Summary of Latest Land Use and Zoning Activities

Upcoming issues before the various City of Charleston land use and zoning boards/committees that are specific to Daniel Island.  For more information on any of these proposed actions, click on the Land Use and Zoning Activity page.  All of the meetings are open for public comment except the TRC meetings.

City of Charleston Technical Review Committee

  • March 2 – (1) Revised Blackbaud Corporate Campus Site Plan [two office buildings and a parking deck] and (2) 20 Fairchild Retail Site Plan – construction plans for a new retail building.


City of Charleston Board of Zoning Appeals – Site Design

  • March 1 – No issues of impact to Daniel Island


City of Charleston Board of Zoning Appeals – Zoning

  • March 7 – Agenda not yet published


City of Charleston Design Review Board

  • March 6 – No issues of impact to Daniel Island


City of Charleston Planning Commission

  • March 15 – Agenda not yet published

Charleston Traffic and Transportation Department Visits Daniel Island

At the request of the DI Property Owner’s Association, the City of Charleston Traffic and Transportation Department visited Daniel Island the week of February 13 to review several intersections of concern.  The following is a summary of their visit:

  • Intersection of Fairchild and Island Park Drive (at the new Refuel).  This area will be studied for potential improvements for pedestrian and vehicular safety.  Site lines, lack of crosswalks and the speed of traffic on Island Park Drive make this a difficult intersection for both cars and people to navigate.  There are also some infrastructure challenges for ADA compliance that need to be studied as part of the solutions.


  • Intersection of Fairchild and River Landing. While the new stop light seems to be working well, the site lines are poor due to the grade change on Fairchild Street.  The City is studying adding a turn signal for each approach to the intersection.


  • Intersection of Pier View and Seven Farms. The City was asked to again study this intersection for pedestrian crossing improvements including but not limited to changes in the pavement material and/or lighting.